About Acronym Magnetic Jewelry

Design & define, yourself

1Acronym is meant to be a very tactile experience. Experiment with design as much and as often as you’d like, its all up to you. Theoretically there are infinite ways to wear your Acronym Magnetic Jewelry… theoretically infinite.

Think outside the box

2Loop, knot, braid and twist the chain into any form and secure it with some or all of the magnetic shapes. It may not be perfect, but neither are you and we love you for it.

Mix & match

3All Acronym magnetic shapes can interact with each other. Try combining colors and shapes for even more unique forms of expression.

Share your #AcronymStyle

4Share your sense of #AcronymStyle. Need inspiration? Have you created a masterpiece? Share your designs with us on Twitter and Instagram and visit our Facebook page to see how others are designing themselves.

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